What to Expect

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What to Expect:

  • Advance notice letter issued 48 hours before temporary bypass mains are installed.
  • Contractor must access the location of where the water meter is and connect temporary hoses.
  • Water supplied via the temporary bypass pipes is the same water that is in the water main.
  • The bypass mains and newly lined mains are cleaned and tested for bacteria prior to the customer being switched over.
  • Special fittings located on the bypass pipe will allow the fire department to connect their fire hoses directly to the bypass pipe, thereby maintaining firefighting capability while the water main is out of service.
  • There may be some very temporary service disruptions and occasional rusty water incidents as water service is moved to the temporary bypass mains and then back again once the cleaning and lining is complete.
  • Water bills will be estimated for the duration of time that the bypass mains are connected to your water meter.
  • We will be updating our website, Facebook and sending out phone calls and text messages through the Town of Burrillville’s Code Red system (sign up here at Code Red with periodic updates regarding the Project.

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