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What is the Water Main Cement Cleaning/Lining Project?

Pascoag’s water infrastructure is made up of 100 year old Cast Iron distribution pipes which are subject to a buildup of sediment over time. The cement lining project provides 0.125 to 0.25 cement lining on the inside walls of the pipes. This lining is corrosion resistant, increases pipe rigidity and is certified for Potable Water Use. The lining for the water mains will last between 40-50 years and is much less expensive than replacing water mains.

Why am I seeing Biszko trucks everywhere?

Biszko Contracting Corp was awarded the contract for the Water Main Cleaning/Lining Project.

Will the water be tested while the project is happening?

The bypass mains and newly lined mains are cleaned and tested for bacteria prior to the customer being switched over. Water testing is conducted by BAL Laboratories.

How long will the Project last?

Phase 2 of the project will begin (weather permitting) in early April 2017 and continue through August 2017 (weather permitting).

Why do I not have cold water?

The temporary Bypass line which is above ground, is subject to direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the water in the bypass line will be subject to outside temperatures and direct sun light. This is temporary and we apologize for this inconvenience.

The fire hydrants are covered? What will the fire department do in case of an emergency?

Yes, for safety reasons all regular fire hydrants in the bypass area have been covered so they cannot be utilized. Special fittings located on the bypass pipe will allow the fire department to connect their fire hoses directly to the bypass pipe, thereby maintaining firefighting capability while the water main is out of service.

Why are there two hoses coming into my house?

The first hose is a source hose which is feeding your home from the bypass line while the original main distribution line is re-lined with cement. The second hose is a “blow-back” line.

What exactly is a “blow-back” line?

The blow back hose, or blow back line, is connected to your original water service line which is connected to the original distribution line. Once Biszko cement lines the portion of the distribution pipe that is located directly in front of your home, they will need access to blow air into the “Blow-back” line. This process clears the new unset mortar; providing unobstructed service flow back into your home.

Why do I have low water pressure?

The reason for the reduced water pressure is because of the 4” Bypass line feeding all areas during construction. Original water main sizes vary from 6” to 8” throughout some construction areas. Water pressure will be restored as soon as the lining project is complete.

Will I still be receiving a water bill?

You will still be receiving a water bill. The bill will be estimated based on past usage, for the duration of the time that you are connected to the bypass mains.

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