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Pascoag Utility District (PUD) is happy to announce that the 2nd phase of our water main cleaning and cement lining project, awarded to Biszko Contracting Corporation, will begin work again in early April, weather permitting.

Pascoag’s water infrastructure is made up of 100 year old Cast Iron distribution pipes which are subject to a buildup of sediment over time. The cement lining project provides 0.125 to 0.25 cement lining on the inside walls of the pipes. This lining is corrosion resistant, increases pipe rigidity and is certified for Potable Water Use. The lining for the water mains will last between 40-50 years and is much less expensive than replacing water mains.

The work will include cleaning and lining the water mains on North Main Street, Grove Street, Laurel Hill Avenue, Church Street, High Street, Sayles Avenue, Pascoag Main Street (in front of CVS and Dunkin Donuts) and Irving Avenue.   The work includes the replacement of all valves and fire hydrants along those streets.

While the work is going on, temporary street-level water mains (called “bypass mains”) will be installed to serve our customers. There may be some very temporary service disruptions and occasional rusty water incidents as water service is moved to the temporary bypass mains and then back again once the cleaning and lining is complete.

PUD is very happy our customers approved this work, which will provide the equivalent of new water mains, valves and hydrants for almost 30% of our system. Please bear with us during the temporary inconvenience while the work proceeds. The project should be finished by the end of August, again, weather permitting.

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